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How can we help?

Whether is it a new position or a replacement (public, or confidential), finding TOP TALENT is definitely not an easy task; so let us help!

Chris Edward Consulting works with companies across the U.S.  A majority of our contracts are permanent contingency agreements, which means that we only get paid if we are successful in finding you the right candidate.  No retainers, no monthly recruiting fees.  On every role we do a walk-through of the duties and responsibilities of each position.


Also, we provide data on the following focus areas:


  • Pay by position in all states

  • Candidate pool in all US geographies

  • Relocation packages

  • Sign on bonuses

We are not in the business of blasting you with a dozen resumes of un-qualified candidates.  We value your time, so you can believe that when you receive a resume of a candidate from our company - they will absolutely be someone you want to speak with.

Our goal is to be an added value to your organization and quite frankly an extension of your values and culture. Because we specialize in specific areas of Technology, Chris Edward Consulting prides itself on its rolodex, which allows us to get the best possible people into your organization.



“Chris Edward Consulting has set a high standard of quality for the candidates they present, the organizations with whom they choose to work with, and the way in which they conduct business.”​ read more >>

—  Galen Lee, Diversified


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