Helping You Make The Right Hire

Whether is it a new position or a replacement (public, or confidential), finding TOP TALENT is definitely not an easy task; so let us help!

The Process



  • We schedule a time to speak to get to know you and what makes  your organization a great place to work, along with the position you are looking to fill  

  • On every role we have you do a walk-through of the duties and responsibilities of each position

  • We want to know what key factors candidates must have to be a fit

  • We also provide data on the following areas of the recruitment process:

    • Pay by position in geographic location

    • Candidate pool in all US geographies

    • Compensation Plan I Sign On Bonuses I Relocation Packages



  • We identify candidates that match the key factors as well as company culture

  • We are not in the business of blasting you with a dozen resumes of unqualified candidates.  We value your time, so you can believe that when you receive a resume of a candidate from our company - they will absolutely be someone you want to speak with.

  • From there we submit them through the appropriate channels (Hiring Mgr., HR Team, Online Portal, Etc..), whatever your process is we will follow

  • When we submit a candidate, we will explain to you why we are sending the individuals we have selected along with: brief work history summary, duties and responsibilities, reasons for being open, and compensation. 



  • Hire the candidate that best matches your needs!

Our goal throughout this process is to build a partnership over time, someone you can reach out to who is an added resource to your organization and quite frankly an extension of your values and culture.



“Chris Edward Consulting has set a high standard of quality for the candidates they present, the organizations with whom they choose to work with, and the way in which they conduct business.”​ read more >>

—  Galen Lee, Diversified


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