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As companies adapt to the new trends, we’ve updated the structure of our compensation guide to reflect these recent changes. It's no longer enough to be within the average salary range when offering compensation for potential hires. It's the benchmark that companies strive to be if they want to have an extensive candidate pool and hire rapidly to meet their growth goals. If companies offer compensation below this benchmark, hiring top talent will take much longer, and the candidate pool they work from is much smaller. Conversely, overpaying for talent may yield a larger candidate pool, but at diminishing returns.


Competition for talent is fierce, and if companies want to scale rapidly, they need to meet candidates' salary expectations. There's a fine balance to navigating the ever-shifting compensation conversation and CEC is here to help navigate those waters.

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I have had the privilege of partnering with Chris and Chris Edward Consulting for a few years now. What sets them apart as a Search firm is the strategic leadership they offer in the industry. With Chris Edward Consulting it's about talent and your long term vision of the future. The firms where I've led have all experienced significant growth and I'd offer the people strategy had as much to do with that growth as any other part of the strategy. Chris and his team contributed greatly to this and they know phenomenal people in multiple segments of the Tech industry. Chris Edwards Consulting is an essential part of any GTM strategy that I lead. Thanks Chris!
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Ehrika Gladden
Chief Revenue Officer & Board Director

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Whether you’re trying to figure out who to hire, when to hire, cleaning up the nasty effects of a mis-hire, or have a question about how we work, get in touch and let’s dig into the details together.


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