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Diversified Systems, an AV | UC | Broadcast Media | Physical Security systems integrator, north of $1B in revenue, was looking to hire for a variety of different positions: Programmer, Field Engineer, Project Manager, Business Development Account Executive, and Pre/Post Engineer.



Diversified was having challenges in a few areas. One was identifying qualified candidates in specific markets. Throughout the years Diversified had made some very strategic acquisitions to expand its service offerings across its technology offerings both domestically & globally.  Because of the acquisition, the retention piece of the business was suffering and word was traveling in the industry, which was having an impact on their candidate pipeline along with the overall retention rate with new hires. Understanding Diversified’s process more, it was very clear that they were lacking a consistent flow of candidates in the pipeline. Due to the lack of candidate flow, Diversified would sometimes hire just for skill set alone, and ignore the other characteristics of a quality hire, leading to their retention issues.


 In teaming up with Diversified’s HR Business Partner and hiring managers for the US markets, we advised them to look at candidates on three fronts.

The First:  The hiring cycle specifically around offers being sent out. Part of the problem was Diversified was taking 3 weeks and at times over a month to get approval on offers to go out. In today’s competitive landscape time kills all deals. We helped shorten that to 3-5 days We also provided compensation data in the areas where they were below market to help Diversified to be more competitive for higher caliber candidates. 

The Second:  What are the characteristics/soft skills that make a great candidate specifically for Diversified? Being that Diversified is always going through constant changes and acquiring different lines of business to add to its overall solution, it was very important to find candidates who have had a proven track record in adaptability and are ok with change. We also looked for candidates who were more career-driven than compensation driven. We wanted to avoid any landmines down the road with potential hires leveraging 1 yr. of employment for a higher salary. 


We also tested candidates on client conflict to determine how candidates would respond. Would they shift blame, or take accountability? Also, what did they do to make the situation better?


The skill set of any candidates being considered. While this was not a big problem, we still wanted to make sure that the skill set was there with all candidates being considered.

The Third:  The A-Players. We utilized our rolodex in the industry to identify the professionals that we felt had the right skill set and possessed the right soft skills/characteristics that would fit the team dynamics. 

Image by Scott Graham
"I began partnering with Chris Edward Consulting in the AV integrator space two years ago, and in that time, they have quickly risen to the top of our preferred recruiting vendors. Chris has been most responsive to our ever-changing requests. Careful attention paid to the nuances of our needs and the ability to discuss rather than dictate--whether for specific requisitions or changes to our processes--has truly made for an easy partnership and set the groundwork for the years to come. Chris Edward Consulting has set a high standard of quality for the candidates they present, the organizations with whom they choose to work with, and the way in which they conduct business."
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Galen Lee | LinkedIn
HR Business Partner - Talent | Diversified


37 hires with a 97% success rate in placement, with 38% of placements getting promoted into Sr. level & leadership positions. This also resulted in the West Coast team capturing #1 in the company for YOY revenue increase and an overall 53% revenue growth of the Operations/Engineering Division in our history of partnering together.


Diversified is an industry leading technology solutions provider delivering innovative digital media, collaborative, broadcasting, electronic security, and OTT solutions to a global clientele across a wide array of markets including financial, media & entertainment, enterprise, energy, higher education, technology, healthcare, hospitality, government, and more.

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