Electrosonic’s experience working with

Chris Edward Consulting

  • 13 placements

  • 92% placement Success rate

  • ROI - 37% revenue growth of Operations/Engineering Division in 3 years

Electrosonic, an AV | security | IT | Broadcast Media Design Build & Integration firm looking to add a wide range of positions to the organization. The COO and Program Mgr. of Talent were looking to expand their services into other areas of the US with some of their nationwide customers. This was a long term goal and they were looking to build a long term relationship with a Talent Acquisition firm.

Problem: Electrosonic’s team did not have a wide reach with the talent pool in the AV space, and were not having any luck with other recruitment firms. After conducting a few meetings at their HQ and understanding their process and the type of talent they were after, we realized that they were not competitive with their compensation package. Electrosonic was also inconsistent with their interviewing stages. I.e. If a candidate was of interest to the company, and just completed their first round, at times it would be three to 4 weeks till the next steps. This was hurting their acquisition rate in securing talent. 

Solution: In our time spent with Electrosonic we quickly gaged their company culture along with areas they were lacking when it came to talent. With open dialog we provided ideas around their current interviewing process to enhance their technique. We also helped Electrosonic hone in on certain characteristics like: Organization, being flexible with change, and strong customer centric background.  Additionally with adviced on pulling candidates from other locations that would help Electrosonic capture the AV talent needs to continue growth. Through our years of experience and relationships within the collaboration space we were able to execute on every search, saving Electrosonic time and headache, presenting candidates that would elevate their business. 

"In connecting with Chris, he immediately understood everything…what we needed, who we were looking for, what we were offering and most importantly, how to work with us.  He took the time to learn about our interview process and connect with individual hiring managers.  Chris made it a point to work with (not around) our Talent Team.   And to top it all off, they have successfully been able to fill several senior level positions for us.  Every resume they submit makes sense, and most candidates they connect us with are automatically a fit.  Chris Edward Consulting has proven to be more efficient than all twelve other recruiting firms combined."


Jessica Gomez - Program Manager - Talent | Electrosonic Inc.


Result: With the help of Chris Edward Consulting, Elctrosonic was able to increase their reach into 4 new regions in the US, standardizing their overall Operations process for all new construction and reno projects, which decreased overall length of project and increased profit margins by 7 points and 37% revenue growth in 3 years.

About Electrosonic: Electrosonic designs, builds and supports innovative technology solutions that create lasting experiences where people live, work and play.


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