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Logitech’s experience working with

Chris Edward Consulting

  • 7 placements

  • Notable placements: Head of North American Sales, Director of Gobal Sales Operations, and #1 producing Enterprise AE in US

  • 100% Success

  • ROI - 20% growth in B2B Workplace Technology Division

Logitech, a Design Technology company focused around B2C & B2B workspace technologies, was looking to add a multiple headcount over a short period of time.



Logitech was seeking a talent consultant to assist through their massive acceleration as their revenue (Public info) went from $250M to $2B+ in 19 months in their Video Collaboration Division globally, and were looking to hire 65 hires comprised of AE’s (Commercial , Enterprise, Globals), Solution Architects, Sales Ops, Channel Sales within the calendar year of 2021.


We helped Logtiech with acquiring talent, but helped significantly improve their process to acquire talent as the growth outgrew their infrastructure on recruitment strategy.  Logitech realized their compensation plan was not competitive to attract a higher caliber candidate.  Second, we provided speed and accuracy to Logitech’s recruitment process. We had relationships with the top engineers, AE’s, Sales Ops, Channel Sellers in the industry who we knew would be a good fit and would be open should an opportunity like this be available. We also help Logitech with a sensitive search looking to replace their current Head of US Sales, and successfully introduced them to several high level executives identifying a Head of US Sales and a 20% revenue increase for the North American Market.


  • Director of Global Sales Operation - Helped re-implements Salesforce globally and create process and dashboards to eliminate redundancies and increase internal process 

  • Enterprise Account Manager - #1 seller in US

  • Head of US Sales - Increased revenue by 20% in 8 months

Image by Scott Graham
"I have had the privilege of partnering with @ChrisNakiso and #ChrisEdwardConsulting for a few years now. What sets them apart as a Search firm is the strategic leadership they offer in the industry. With Chris Edward Consulting it's about talent and your long term vision of the future. The firms where I've led have all experienced significant growth and I'd offer the people strategy had as much to do with that growth as any other part of the strategy. Chris and his team contributed greatly to this and they know phenomenal people in multiple segments of the Tech industry. Chris Edwards Consulting is an essential part of any GTM strategy that I lead. Thanks Chris!"
Ehrika LinkedIn Pic_edited.jpg
Ehrika Gladden | LinkedIn
CRO | Logitech


Allowed Logitech to increase revenue by 20% in 8 months by bringing in a Head of US Sales to provide the direction and process to saleforce, which allowed Logitech to capture higher caliber sales talent which directly lead to placing their #1 seller globally.


Logitech is a global leader designing products and experiences that connect people to the digital world around them. Under a number of different brands, the company offers PC peripherals; cases and keyboards for tablets; equipment for gamers; mobile speakers and earphones for music and sports enthusiasts; devices to make video collaboration simple in the workplace; and entertainment and control products for the home.

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