An industry that is growing very very fast!!!

With the acceleration of digital transformation and most companies, if not all forced to adapt to the changes due to COVID, AI | machine Learning is an industry that will be just as important as digital transformation. The market cap in AI is well into the billions and therefore will increase new careers opportunities. Roles such as:

  • Data Scientist

  • ML/CV/NLP/Robotics/Framework Engineers

  • Full stack/Backend/Security/DevOps Engineer

  • Product Manager/Front End Engineer/UX Expert

  • Hardware Engineers

  • Sales/Sales Leadership

In a recent article by Ashwin Naphade, he talks about the market growth AI has.

With the landscape changing very quickly around globe, a lot of individuals and business are having to adopt to the demanding change of workplace and technology through an accelerated influencer (COVID-19). There are a lot of uncertainties, but a lot of possibilities when you break it down!

From the talent acquisition/recruitment side of the house it widens the pool for talent selection; allowing us to look into different technology sectors as well as geographic locations. As we have seen people change the work environment from a corporate setting to home settings, which is becoming more wide spread, gives organizations the ability to attract talent that they may not have been able to before. On the flip side it also allows those that have talent and abilities to offer, that may have been closed off due to geographical restrictions, an opportunity to find a position that would not have been available to them pre-covid. While collectively as a workforce we are not 100% there operationally yet, it is coming and moving fast.

In a recent article produced by Karen McCullough:, She makes some outstanding points to the benefits around this economic change.

At then end of the day, change is good, if you are willing to embrace it!

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