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Updated: May 22, 2018

When candidates tell me, “The grass is not always greener on the other side,” I would not

disagree. However, having an open mind is critical for a career move to occur. Exploring new

opportunities can be a lot like dating. You might be someone who has not been on an interview on a while, or perhaps you have been on multiple interviews. Either way you just cannot seem to find the right fit.

How do you know if the next move is the right fit for you? This decision is one of the most

important you’ll have to make since this is the place you will be investing most of your time and want to maximize the best return. At Chris Edward Consulting one of the many questions we ask to help people through their journey is, why are you open to making a move? If the answer to this basic question is not clear, then you really need to take the time to reflect on your current situation. A lot of times, people make the common mistake of not identifying a reason for being open, and have no goal/checklist to aim for when considering a career move. The last thing you want to do is impulsively make a move, like most people do when they shop!!! Do I need those new shoes, or do I want them? Two very different situations, but with a very similar concept.

In order to figure out whether you are going to make this move, or not, you need to have a clear understanding of the prospective company’s: culture, vision, expectations, and support.


The company’s culture is probably the most important thing to figure out. If you don’t fit, it

won’t be long before you start looking again at other options. Questions to ask to discover

what the culture is like may include:

“What is the social and working dynamic between the employees and leadership?”

"Is the atmosphere family friendly, or is everyone more focused on just getting the job


“Over the years, why have people left the company?”

“What is the best part about working for this company?”


The direction the company is heading and where you fit in will be key to figuring out what the

future holds for you. Questions to ask the employer that can give you a better idea are:

“How will this job contribute to the company’s success?”

“What are some of the company’s biggest challenges and how is your company

overcoming them?”

“How is your company different than your competitors?”

“What type of training opportunities does your company offer?”

“What advancement opportunities are available?”


While in the interview process, it is critical to know everything the prospective job entails so

you are not thrown any curveballs that will irritate you later in the job. To figure this out, ask

questions like:

“Do you allow for telecommuting?”

“How often would I need to be in the office?”

“What type of support is provided?”

“What are your views on goals, timelines, and measuring success?”

“Who will I report to?”

“What type of projects will I be working on?”


When you are considering to work for a new company, Support may be one of the most

important factors in your decision. Companies should be able to articulate the type of support they have in place and how their process works to keep the process as efficient as possible. You should ask the employer if they promote from within and if they have a process with training to help you achieve higher level positions. If you seek a role that is handled by one individual, find out how long they plan to stay in that role or if the company has growth plans to expand that position. Since promotions are most often based on merit, companies typically cannot guarantee you will be in the position you want in the future.

To Conclude

At the end of the day you may hear things from others in the industry, whether it is social

media platforms, site reviews, and folks you personally know, the best advice we at Chris

Edward Consulting can give is to take “outside” feedback with a grain of salt. You control the process and most importantly control whether you accept an offer, or not.

If you have any questions regarding job interviews, offers, or recruiting of any kind do not

hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn, or send an email to

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