Yorktel’s experience working with

Chris Edward Consulting

  • 1 critical placement turned into 6 additional placements

  • 100% Success

  • ROI - 2x growth in Operations|Engineering Division

Yorktel, an AV | UC provider focused around workspace technologies, was looking to add a

Sr. Pre | Post Engineer to the engineering team on the west coast. 

Problem: Yorktel was working within a tight deadline to get a person onboard to accommodate a fortune 100 client. Their client was looking to redesign its internal workspace nationwide. Yorktel lacked qualified candidates who could handle the job and was at risk of losing the account.

Solution: Through market intel, and other similar placement success in the industry and geographic location, we helped Yorktel realize their compensation plan was not competitive to attract a higher caliber candidate.  Second, we provided speed and accuracy to Yorktel’s recruitment process. We had relationships with the top engineers in the industry who we knew would be a good fit and would be open should an opportunity like this be available. The turnaround time for presenting qualified candidates was a little over 1 week and had presented 4 Engineers from their direct competitors.


"We went from having absolutely no idea how we were going to locate hard-to-find talent, to having multiple perfect candidates almost overnight. Chris and team have a network of talented individuals that they can quickly match up to opportunities. Candidates are a fit technically and culturally for the organization. We have hired all of our new engineering talent through Chris Edwards Consulting for more than a year. Several times my leadership team met after interviews with two or three candidates from Chris and wanted to hire all of the candidates."


Stefan Schade | SVP of Integration, Project Management and Customer Service Management - Yorktel


"Chris has an uncanny ability to match people with companies. Simply put, if you're looking to grow your team, and having trouble finding the right people, contact Chris. He will guide you through the industry retreads and help you avoid the disastrous hires we have all been subject to make. You will find a professional you can trust to put the right candidate in the right position at the right time. I guarantee it."

Ben White | Director of Engineering - Yorktel


Result:  Allowed Yorktel to retain their fortune 100 account and add an $15M in new projects. Additionally they were able to bring back a client they lost to a competitor, along with promoting this individual into a leadership position to standardize their entire engineering process company wide. Since then they have added 3 new engineers to their engineering and 2 Project Managers to their Operations department, which we advise those hires as well.


About Yorktel: Yorktel is a provider of video-centric collaborative services and solutions that enhance workforce productivity in the Commercial Enterprise and Public Sectors.


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